Discover the person behind the CV

Find and recruit top talent that will bring more to work than just the requisite skills. Video communicates what a CV cannot: energy,attitude, cultural fit and the nuances of individual personality that are the raw materials for creating high-performing teams.

SettingsBetter and faster screening
Powermeeter helps you screen more candidates in a shorter amount of time, meaning you can uncover the best and worst candidates at the earliest possible stage. Save time and focus on meeting only the right people for your company.

SettingsEasily integrated into your workflow
10-second scheduling, shorter interviews and vivid candidate assessment happens all in one mobile-friendly place. Wherever, whenever, easily sharable and accessible: organizing your time becomes a breeze.

SettingsShow candidates you care
Reach out to your candidates and engage with them through personal and branded invitations. By using video, tell them you also care who they are as a person.