Antal Risk Ventures invests in the people, ideas and the brand value within a business with a keen eye on international development and growth potential.Often this sets us aside from many other investment boutiques who follow a strict formulaic approach and which can be too rigidly focussed on numbers rather than the people any business needs to develop.

Human Capital is as important to a business as financial capital and we work in real partnership with the management teams in each of our investments to build capital value.In each of our investments, Antal Risk Ventures takes a Main Board position and holding the same class of equity as the management teams do thereby ensuring the mutuality of success and a common focus rather than engage in complex financial engineering.

We look for brands that need financial and senior support to their existing management in order to achieve their true value and we invest only in management teams with a clear vision and strategy of their business and where it could go.Leveraging all of our contacts worldwide, our knowledge and experience of doing business in over 30 countries, our exceptional back office support, our proven track record of building significant capital value and leading businesses through a transaction, we provide more than just financial support to our investments.

Our typical investments fall into 4 broad areas:

  • Business Services
  • Property
  • Retail
  • Fasion & Luxury
  • Information Technology

The size of investment depends on the exact nature of the business, the stage of the cycle (either start-up, established) and the amount of equity (minority or majority). We also have access to a number of high net worth private investors in addition to our own resources as well as access to institutional funding.

The type of investment we make is generally centered around on the the following criteria

  • Start up capital
  • Joint Ventures
  • Buyout and development / expansion funding
  • Business turnaround and Angel investing

We prefer to hold significant stakes in our investments alongside the management team and leadership in the business and are not averse to funding further expansion and development where needed.