Intern Avenue is the first professional hiring platform designed to connect the most talented students and graduates with employers instantly; and is positioned to fill the large gap between Facebook and LinkedIn.

An Innovative Solution

Intern Avenue was founded by Dupsy Abiola, a former city lawyer and Oxford graduate, in consultation with industry experts across HR, Technology, and Education. The platform has been singled out as highly needed innovation in the internship space. We have been featured by the Financial Times, CNN, the BBC, Channel Four, and a documentary film.

A Quick & Easy Approach for Employers and Interns

Intern Avenue was created with the single aim of being the easiest possible way for employers and future junior hires to connect online. We provide an interactive platform which automatically matches talented interns with top employers and relieve the time-consuming burden of repetitive job posting and application processes, whilst also opening up market visibility for interns and employers alike.