Is that you, do you believe in yourself

We know that a vast majority of people working in the recruitment industry are entrepreneurial in spirit. We know that most believe they have  the necessary attributes required to venture off on their own and set up a world beating recruitment company and earn a squizzilion £GBP in the process. However the reality is that not many can actually do it, and those that can struggle immensely with not only the pressure of starting out alone, but also the lack of support, infrastructure, mentoring, guidance, routes to market and CASH required to fulfil the dream of becoming a successful recruitment entrepreneur.

Is that you, do you believe in yourself and your abilities?

Are you one of many in our industry who think they have what it takes, or do you actually have what it takes? 

We want to partner with those that have it, that’s why we are obsessed with getting it right, and only willing to invest in the very best of our industry’s best.

Our experienced entrepreneurs scheme can help you build a business that can achieve scale and generate capital value, within a defined period of time. Our methodology, process and systems work. We will help you plan and implement your ideas and help you grow your business rapidly.

  • We invest in you, providing up to 90% of the cash required to create and run your business.
  • You will create your brand, implement your ideas and provide your organisation’s leadership, supported by an established business model that creates real, intrinsic capital wealth.
  • We provide support infrastructure in terms of mentoring, IT, Accountancy and Finance, CRM, legal and payroll.
  • You will have access to an unrivalled Global Network, with 120 offices in 30 countries – providing you the ability to tap into established International markets from day one.
  • We are great people to work with, led by one of the industries leading innovators and wealth creation specialists, Tony Goodwin.
  • We are an multi award winning International partner.
  • We have a proven track record of realising capital value.
  • You will receive a win-win equity structure
  • You will have autonomy with assistance, you will be running your own business, we are here to guide and support.

Our board has over a century of recruitment industry experience gained in the UK, Asia, Europe and the Americas, including BRIC countries. Our aim is to help mentor and guide you along the journey to coach and support you to success.  Along with the personal gains you achieve from building a business in recruitment you will have a direct route to realising the value you create, and be a part  of an existing group of international businesses in our ever expanding portfolio. As part of an established group it opens up greater potential for your clients, candidates, consultants and potential exit routes whilst accelerating growth. Our experience means we can help you grow your business and the value it attains more rapidly. We’re interested in you, your team and your business’ potential.

We are looking for UK based entrepreneurs, individuals who are already on the top of their game and specialising in a growth disciplines and skills base. However, with an unrivalled global footprint in our existing brands within 30 countries, we have the capacity to roll out your business to fast growth markets around the globe, helping you to be able to deliver cross border business. In fact 25% of the fees generated in our business are a direct result of inter group sharing.

Still wanting to create your business, have you got what it takes?

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