Creating sales and marketing experiences that persuade customers to spend longer, delve deeper and purchase more can be a complicated, frustrating business, and touch-screen devices are transforming the way consumers interact with brands and retailers, further increasing costs.

Battling with multiple technologies to deliver a consistent, optimised experience across many channels and devices gets in the way of what really matters: reaching customers with marketing and sales campaigns that transform products into ‘must haves’, whatever device or channel they use. Creating that unstoppable motivation depends on synchronising high quality campaign and product media into every touch point, and maximising the quality of every interaction.
To make matters worse, all that complexity makes performance tracking and analytics difficult – and if you don’t really know what works, how can you get better?

We believe there is a better way, one that enables enterprise, brand and retail teams to rapidly create compelling digital marketing and sales campaign media that works beautifully in any channel and device – through web sites and native apps for tablets, mobiles, kiosks without resort to complex bespoke front-end development.
Amplience sweeps away the complexity. We’ve created a single platform for campaign and media creation, so you can stop battling with technology and focus on selling more by creating great digital experiences that inspire users to engage, share and buy.

The Amplience Platform is all you need to create everything from promotional banners and catalogues to rich lifestyle content apps – then rapidly optimise and deliver them across tablets, mobiles, kiosk and beyond into connected TV

Incredibly simple, yet powerfully effective, Amplience dramatically improves control, productivity and engagement:

Transform the productivity of marketing and campaign teams; substantially reduce time to market and associated costs, whilst increasing campaign frequency and performance
Optimise the performance of digital campaigns across all channels and all devices; creating deeper engagement and stronger purchase motivation, while protecting the brand
Sweep away complexity; business user friendly and extensible across teams and supply chains to deliver the right media for any segment and locale.